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Coach Pitch


Coach Pitch  (6 Year Olds)

The Coach Pitch Division is considered an instructional division and while the intent is to play by MLB League rules, there are exceptions to the rules that are being made below.  These exceptions are being made to promote instruction, a safe playing environment, and a positive experience for all.


  • No new inning shall start after 1 hour 20 minutes.  Max time is 1 hour 30 minutes.

  • A half inning shall end when the entire lineup has batted one time.


  • The defense shall field a maximum of twelve (10) players consisting of six (6) infielders and with the remaining players positioned in the outfield.

  • Each player must play at least one infield position per game.  This shall not include the catcher’s position.

  • No player shall sit out defensively for two (2) consecutive innings.  No player shall sit out defensively for a second time, until all other players in attendance have sat out at least one defensive inning.

  • Players may be substituted freely.


  • A combination of coach-pitch and tee will be used in this division.  If the batter has not successfully hit the ball after five pitches from the coach, the batter shall complete their turn at bat by hitting from a tee.

  • Balls and strikes will not be called in this division.  All batters will continue to bat until they hit a pitched ball fair or hit a fair ball off the tee.

  • Runners may advance at their own risk until a defensive player has possession of the ball.  The runner may only advance to the base they are going once a defensive player has possession of the ball.

  • Each team’s coach will pitch to their own players