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The BackYard League

Minor Division Rules


Minor  (9-10 Year Olds)

The Minor Division has the intent is to play by MLB rules, there are exceptions to the rules that are being made below.  These exceptions are being made to promote instruction, a safe playing environment, and a positive experience for all.


  • No new inning may start after 1 hour and 40 minutes.  Max time is 1 hour 50 minutes.

  • 5 Run Rule

  • No player shall sit out defensively for two (2) consecutive innings; all players must play one inning at an infield position.  No player shall sit out defensively for a second time, until all other eligible players have sat out at least one defensive inning, excluding the starting pitcher and catcher.

    • Starting Pitcher and/or Catcher is defined as the player that started the game at pitcher or catcher, once they vacate either of those positions, they will no longer be excluded from sitting requirements.

  • Standard “Slaughter Rule” applies.


  • Each player must play at least one infield position per game.

  • Pitchers can only pitch 2 complete innings per game.

  • Players may be substituted freely; however, no player but the pitcher may be substituted once an inning has started except for illness or injury.


  • All players that are present are included in the batting order.