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President Obama’s Back to School Talk

Posted by Russell on September 4th, 2009

Conservatives are perturbed over President Obama’s education talk planned for this coming Tuesday. The planned fifteen to twenty minute speech is said to be about personal responsibility, staying at, and succeeding in school. Considering our current reverse brain drain, and the pitiful amount of science and math majors in our universities, it seems like a good idea. But conservatives are more than a little upset. The claim is that the President is trying to “indoctrinate” their youth and push a “socialist agenda.” The only problem is the national media have once again taken the bait. The New York Times, Washington Post, LA Times, AP, and others ran stories this morning about the “issue.” This outrage has been especially bad in Texas where several large school districts have opted out of the speech.

The White House has tried to make concessions by making the speech available in text on Monday morning and editing some of the supplemental materials that some found objectionable. It doesn’t matter. I think Conservatives just don’t want their children acutely exposed to Obama. Let’s also not forget the fact Ronald Regan did the same thing in ‘88, and so did Bush ‘91. What did Regan talk about that day you ask? Tax cuts for gods sake! The Republican party needs to take a long look in the mirror and stop allowing idiots to be the face of their party.

What’s funny about this whole debacle is that the White House saw it coming. President Obama perhaps figured that the kids who were not allowed to watch his speech would later be pulled in by this sweet Nascar PSA.

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